Most frontline leaders have not had the leadership development to gain the skills that will make them successful as a leader.

Become a confident leader with purpose and vision to back yourself, your decisions and have the self awareness to know what impact you are having.


You've done the hard work, got yourself into a position to move into a leadership role, or you're already there. Now you're ready to smash some goals and be an effective leader, but you’ve realised that the skills that got you to this point are not the same set of skills that will make you successful in a leadership role.

I've worked with hundreds of leaders that have made the transition from doing to leading.  Leadership is about knowing your own style, learning about yourself and understanding the impact you have on others so, you can adapt to get better outcomes for you and your team.

If you want to be an effective leader, who leads with confidence, no longer second guessing yourself, start your leadership development journey now.


Imagine how good it will feel to improve your own leadership development and the ripple effect on the people you serve from making this decision.   

Step out of the busyness and the noise and get the tools to be strategic.

What it's like to work with Karissa

By far the best leadership course I’ve done over my career”


“Really enjoyed the content and the interactive style ...  very insightful program.” 



“I walked away from the program with a new perspective of my role and the improvements I can make to be more effective.” 


Its time to build your confidence and back yourself.  Start having the conversations you want to have, lead in a way that aligns with your purpose and make decisions only once.  


In the Effective Leader program we will cover 4 foundational leadership themes over 4 days.

Day 1: Focus on Team

We will cover:

Culture: Understand workplace culture and what key ingredients your culture needs

Values: how to apply values in day-to-day work to drive behaviours and culture.

Define purpose for your team, set goals for individuals and team that align with organisational objectives and team purpose.

 Delegating: Know what to delegate to who, when, and how to make it work.

Learn strategies to Motivate your team so that you can build a culture your team wants to buy into and be a part of.


Day 2: Focus on Self

We will cover:

What does a leader look like: identify what it means to lead and what skills leaders need to be successful,

Becoming a Leader: understand the leadership journey

Know your Purpose and Vision of Success.

Self Awareness: What it means to be self-aware & understand your impact.

 Mindset: the difference between a fixed and growth mindset and associated behaviours

Understanding your sphere of influence and how to build influence as a leader, so that you can build strategic relationships and  set your self up to lead in a way that feels authentic to you.

Day 3: Focus on Feedback and Performance

We will cover:

Purpose of Feedback: know your role

Setting Expectation: to set your people up for success Communication Styles: Understand your style and where you can adapt Positive & Constructive Feedback: Reflect on the feedback you give now, learn tools to give feedback that has an impact Listening: Learn the 5 stages of listening and reflect where listening can be improved

Performance Management: Reflect on how people are developed now, how to identify peoples strengths and goal setting for individuals

Understand Bias: Identify the common bias traps, reflect on areas where bias may exist for you now, so that you can create a high performing team with clarity and feedback becomes part of your day to day conversations.

Day 4: Focus on the Kind of Leader I Want To Be

We will cover:

An introduction to Emotional Intelligence to highlight areas that are working well and areas you can develop to add the right tools to your leadership toolkit,

Confidence, take charge of yours and learn how to tune into your self talk,

Gain insights into your Leadership Style to increase self awareness and insights into when you can adapt your style for better outcomes

 Managing Time versus Value: know where you add value & evaluate is this where you spend your time, so that you can create a compelling vision for your team and have the skills to bring them along on your journey.

 Build your Action Plan so you have a clear path on specific actions that will make a difference for you over the next 12 months and beyond.

PLUS ...

Foundation PRISM Profile

Know how you do your best work and the environment you thrive in with a PRISM profile and a 1 on 1 debrief with Karissa

Learning Resources

All the value packed learning materials and worksheets will be yours to keep

Follow Up Accountability Session

A group online check in session 6 weeks after Day 4 to celebrate your wins and discuss challenges.

The Effective Leader program is perfect for you if you are wanting to move into a leadership role in the next 6 months, or you are already there and are looking to develop your skills with a proven framework.


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  • Each day facilitated  by Karissa,
  • Workbook and learning materials,
  • PRISM profile and 1hr, 1 on 1 debrief with Karissa for personal results,
  • Follow up check in accountability session,
  • Fully catered morning tea and lunch each day 

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