Are you ready to step our of your comfort zone and play a bigger game?

My one-on-one leadership coaching helps you to identify and work through any limiting beliefs or behaviours that may be holding you back.  It will allow you to step away from the day-to-day noise, and focus on what will make a difference for you to lead yourself and your team in a way that feels authentic.

Leadership coaching will give you the tools to upgrade your thinking and habits to achieve your goals and continue your journey to achieve your best life. 

The process we undertake for our leadership coaching includes:

  • Initial meeting with Karissa to chat about your challenges, and where you want to be versus where you are now,
  • 1-hour sessions, at intervals that work for you and will help you to gain momentum,
  • The application of tools specific to your challenges that will help you gain clarity and take meaningful action,
  • Each coaching package offers the opportunity to complete a PRISM Profile to give you insights into your preferred behaviours.

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