Throughout my career in the mining industry, in roles ranging from a Graduate Geologist to a Mining Manager what struck me was the importance of the role of frontline leaders. 

Especially when I was a Mining Manager, I realised that out of my department of around 200 people – I had 6 people, 6 Supervisors that led around 60 percent of my department.  These were some of my frontline leaders.

They were people that had been really good operators, they knew how to move dirt, they had shown leadership capability, and were put into Supervisor roles. 

"The problem I saw was that they were never given the skills to be as successful as they could be in those roles. They knew how they wanted their teams to operate, but they didn’t have the tools to support them in achieving their goals."

The skills you need to lead a team and achieve through others is a totally different set of skills that you need to be a great operator or technical person.

As much as culture is driven from the top, frontline leaders are the face and the voice that the workforce sees and hears at the start and end of every shift. They have a huge amount of influence on your productivity, safety, culture, and innovation. That is your organisations' ability to carry out your strategy to achieve your vision.

"That was when I realised that to get the most out of my people, I needed to develop my Supervisors, so that’s what I did."

This experience is what lead me to start Lead with Purpose.

This is why I am so passionate about developing frontline leaders to be as effective and as successful as they can be. It not only gives them the confidence in their own ability to lead, but also allows all levels of your organisation to operate in the space where they can add value.



"Great course, wish I had of completed a course like this before being put into a leadership role."

Supervisor, Kirkland Lake Gold